The First Spinal Subluxation – Being Born!

IMG_5609Adults in my practice see me with infants, they see all the photos on the wall, and often wonder why babies come into the practice.  Some people still don’t understand why someone would see a Chiropractor if they weren’t suffering with back pain, so I’m not terribly surprised by these questions! My standard response is often “babies have spines too!” but consider this research to give you more perspective on why I believe all infants should be checked after birth:

Often the first spinal subluxation occurs during delivery:

“Research indicates that the major cause of spinal subluxation in infants is childbirth. My findings indicate the 80% of all newborns studied have some form of nerve dysfunction as a result.  In our mind, stressing the need for correction from birth is important so that irreversible subluxation degeneration changes do not.”

“Medical research on birth trauma tells us…forceful pulling on a baby’s neck particularly when combined with stretching of the spine, has been considered the most important cause of infant spinal and brain stem injury.”

      Abraham Towbin, M.D. Neuropathologist Harvard Medical School

Babies are by far the highlight in my practice! Yes, they are cute, they make me laugh, and they bring joy to everyone around them. But the real reason I love seeing babies is because of how well they respond to chiropractic, how quickly they heal, and how amazing it is to watch them grow strong, straight and healthy.  It’s such an honour to be part of these kids lives as they grow up, to help them understand the power in their body to be well, and to continue to support their health throughout their developing years. 

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